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19.09.2016, 09:14
Hello to all,

I have a local tile pyramid that is using the common structure /zoom/x/y.
I oportunistically tried the TMS option in QMS by editing an xml file and replacing the url for a path:


But without success. Is there any other trick to make this possible?


20.09.2016, 08:16
Habe ich ehrlich gesagt noch nie probiert. Das ist auch aus meiner Sicht nicht besonders vorteilhaft, da die Kacheln dann lokal und im Cache gespeichert werden.

Deswegen kann man in QMapShack Karten im GEMF Format anzeigen. Das ist im Grunde eine Container für Kachelkarten.


oops that was asked in English:

To be honest I never tried it. From my point of view this has no advantages as the tiles will be stored in the cache, too.

That is the reason why QMapShack displays GEMF maps. Basically this is a container for tiled maps.

20.09.2016, 08:51

from a convention point of view your ServerURL looks ok and any web browser can handle it. Looks like that QMS cant handle that.
I suppose you have to set up a local tile server.

20.09.2016, 10:46
I would have expected it to work, too. But I can't tell for sure what Qt's network agent class is doing. To test it I would need a tile set on my disk. But as I never intend to use QMapShack that way it's too much effort to create a test case. After all this is Open Source. So it's up to the community if someone really wants to have that feature.

20.09.2016, 22:25

Thanks for replying. I can read German but I am very bad in writing.

The Norwegian mapping authority provides free raster maps at different scales that can be tiled to increase coverage (the maps have no borders). I was hoping I could use the TMS option to easily combine those maps in single view. I know there could be other issues involved like incompatible zoom levels and projection. But the possibility to read from disc was my first concern.

I did not read in the QMS documentation about the GEMF format. Is that a recently added feature? Is there more info about it?

I also tried to use a .vrt file but it doesn't seem possible to cover multiple zoom levels in this way.

I read that it should be straightforward to setup a simple http server using python . I could try that if everything elses fails.


20.09.2016, 23:05
I tried the GEMF format and it worked very well. I think that will cover most of my requirements. Very nice to see this kind of additions :-)


21.09.2016, 08:11
VRT can only cover one zoom level. That is right. But you can activate several maps that are displayed on different zoom levels.

I usually work with a map stack that has raster maps at the most detailed level. When these maps become bad in detail a Garmin vector map of the area kicks in. And for all areas I do not have a specific map, I fall back to a TMS map covering the world. By that I get best detail and performance over the complete zoom range.

But if GEMF works, it's fine. It's just not the most efficient format if it comes to diskspace. But that is probably not an issue anymore.

21.09.2016, 23:17
OK. It seems that the zoom settings are stored in the .view file. So that should indeed make it possible to create a virtual pyramid. I will look to this possibility a bit more in detail.

22.09.2016, 22:11
I have noticed that for any .gemf file I create QMS will not show zoom levels 0 to 3. If these are the only zoom levels in the file, qms will show nothing. If levels 0 to 4 are present, qms only shows zoom level 4 and so on. I created the files with Mobac e.g. from Goolgle maps. I have no other tool that can read those files so I am not sure that qms is the problem. But file sizes do grow with increasing number of zoom levels so there is at least data written for zoom levels 0 to 3.

In practice this is not a big deal since those zoom levels are not very useful but I though I would report it anyway.


23.09.2016, 08:14
You can file an issue with a detailed description on how to reproduce the error here:


If there is an issue I can ask the developer who added GEMF support to have a look.

30.09.2016, 22:15
Ok. I will try to file an issue.