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Alt 07.08.2007, 13:52
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GPSMAP 76C(S)x Software Version 3.50, 2.8.2007

GPSMAP 76Cx software version 3.50 as of August 2, 2007


Changes made from version 3.30 to 3.50:
• Change number of lines of text in the address field on map feature review page from 4 to 6.
• Improve robustness when recovering from a partial map load.
• Limit number of custom POI bitmaps to 64 to ensure enough memory resources.
• Added better compatibility with Mac computers in USB mass storage mode.
• Improved pedestrian route calculation for shortest distance method.
• Added ability to recalculate a direct goto route.
• Fix issue where MPC maps could potentially cause a shutdown.
• Address issue where nearest points search would skip some points.
• Changed datum used in the the SWEREF 99TM grid to GRS80.
• Changed datum used in the the Estonian grid to GRS80.
• Fix potential shutdown when using TOPO West 1999.
• Fix potential shutdown on track setup for data card when track log files have long file names.
• Corrected French translation for 'Log track points'.
• Improved promptness of the turn review popup.
• Improve track log recording for sensor products to continue recording sensor data even when GPS doesn't have a fix.
• Fix potential shutdown when propagating in a cul-de-sac across a map boundary.
• Added more time zones.
• Fix potential shutdown when clearing recent find list when custom POI with custom bitmaps are in the list.
• Add A905/D900 unlock code communication protocol.
• Make route recalculation on MPC maps behave like City Navigator maps.
• Remove lithium ion as a battery choice. For 76x add lithium battery choice.

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