Fenix Softwareupdate 2.90 (01.11.12)

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    Change History

    Changes made from version 2.80 to 2.90:

    • Added indoor training support http://garmin.blogs.com/softwa…tting-fit-with-fenix.html
    • Added Foot Pod support
    • Added FIT History to main menu ( moved from Tracks )
    • Added additional details in FIT History
    • Added Save as Track option to FIT History
    • Added Delete option to FIT History
    • Added ability to Pan the map when reviewing Tracks, Routes and Waypoints
    • Added precision to heart rate zone data field
    • Added feet/hr vertical speed units
    • Improved vertical speed
    • Improved ANT sensor connection reliability
    • Improved calorie calculation
    • Improved performance of elevation data in fixed altimeter mode when GPS is not running
    • Improved performance of elevation data in sensors always on and sensors on demand modes
    • Improved waypoint list length
    • Fixed potential issue with alternate time zone DST calculations
    • Fixed potential issue with the active track showing incorrectly on the map
    • Fixed potential issue with Auto Light
    • Fixed potential issue with spell search for waypoints
    • Fixed potential issue with missing data when saving large FIT activities
    • Fixed issues with entering negative elevation values

    Changes made from version 2.70 to 2.80:

    • Added ability to configure the Up and Down button behavior while viewing data pages (Setup > System > Hot Keys).
    • Added 'Auto Light' feature (Setup > Display > Backlight > Auto Light) with options 'Off', 'After Sunset' and 'Always'. When enabled backlight is automatically activated for key presses, messages, alerts, alarms, and lap banners.
    • Added 5 second option for Backlight Timeout.
    • Improved logging of track points in timed track method (Setup > Tracks > Method > Time) to allow points to be logged without a GPS position.
    • Improved FIT format support. Added markers for start/stop points and current speed/pace for each point.
    • Improved responsiveness of Hot Keys during messages, alerts, alarms, and lap banners.
    • Fixed potential issue with track log points being recorded when tracking has been paused.
    • Fixed potential issue with selecting 'Go' to a chirp location.
    • Fixed issue with proximity alerts only showing distance in miles.
    • Fixed issue with menu options shown for archive tracks.
    • Fixed issue with Demo Mode that could result in decreased battery life while in watch mode.

    Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.70:

    • Added ability to import Garmin Connect Courses as tracks for navigation, viewing on map, etc. Plan a course at http://connect.garmin.com/courses.
    • Added ability to save FIT track files with more than 10,000 points (now number of points are only limited by memory available on device). Note: Setup>Tracks>Output must be set to 'FIT' only.
    • Added Off Course alert (Alerts>Distance>Off Course).
    • Added ability to configure the Back button behavior while viewing data pages (Setup>System>Hot Keys>Data Page Back).
    • Added ability to set FIT activity type (Setup>Fitness>FIT Activity).
    • Added percentage of max heart rate data fields (HR %MAX, AVG HR %, LAP HR %).
    • Improved time to save track data. Note: the GPX track format results in large file sizes. For faster save times, additional storage space, and if track navigation, etc. is not required for the track being recorded, please consider setting Setup>Tracks>Output to 'FIT'.
    • Improved compatibility of FIT files with some 3rd party websites.
    • Improved display of distance data fields to show additional precision after 10 miles/kilometers.
    • Improved calculation of ascent/descent data.
    • Improved display of speed data field when greater than 100mph/kph.
    • Fixed issues with display of grade data field.
    • Fixed issues with displaying all tracks in the Tracks list.
    • Fixed issues with back button usage in Map pan mode.
    • Fixed issues when downloading chirp data.
    • Fixed issue with Tone settings not being used properly when displaying the low battery message.
    • Fixed issue with backlight that could result in decreased battery life while in watch mode.

    Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.60:

    • Added review of detailed fitness data when using FIT format. See Tracks>FIT History after saving track data.
    • Added lap distance for each lap in FIT files.
    • Added ability to set the notification type for auto pause and auto lap during setup.
    • Fixed issue with ascent and decent fields.
    • Fixed issue where invalid heart rate and cadence were shown in FIT files when the sensor was not connected.
    • Fixed bike cadence reported in FIT files.
    • Fixed issue with moving time and stopped time.
    • Fixed elevation over distance plot.
    • Fixed track distance, moving average, moving time, stopped time, pace and average speed shown in UltraTrac.
    • Fixed reliability issue with the alarm clock.
    • Fixed issue where some data fields would update when tracking was paused while GPS was still on.
    • Fixed issue where FIT files were not written if you saved via the tracks menu and the output method was set to FIT or GPX/FIT.
    • Fixed issues with editing a proximity alert.
    • Fixed issue where average heart rate and average cadence values were never reset when clearing the track or resetting trip data.
    • Fixed issue where incorrect ascent and descent are reported in FIT files on Garmin Connect

    Changes made from version 2.30 to 2.40:

    • Added Active Route application in GPS Tools.
    • Added ability to set UltraTrac update as fast as 15 second intervals. ( Battery life varies according to interval )
    • Improved information output in FIT files.
    • Improved data page information in UltraTrac.
    • Fixed issue when exiting pan mode on the map.

    Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.30:

    • Improved course navigation using the compass
    • Improved vertical speed
    • Improved calories calculation
    • Improved navigation ETA/ETE calculations
    • Improved time field in UltraTrac