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Garmin fenix 7X und epix Gen 2 im Test

Der Schwerpunkt dieses Tests und Vergleichs der Garmin Fenix 7X Solar und Garmin Epix Gen 2 liegt auf den Sensoren wie Höhenmesser, Positionsbestimmung und Herzfrequenz. Was unterscheidet die beiden GPS-Outdoor-Smartwatches? Und wie gut ist die Taschenlampe der Fenix 7X für den Outdoorbereich? Hier geht es zum Test der Outdoor-Smartwatches ...


    sorry can't reproduce it. ETA shows me times to be expected.

    Sorry, it was my fault. I forgot to change the ETA calculation (on mean speed instead of on the track).

    Use this website '' (worldwide and no login required) or apps ( for Android and iOS) to make a route; then export it by TwoNav Link from smartphone to Cross+ (or any other TwoNav device) and see that ETE=0, ETA=actual time.

    Most probably it is a matter of current the '' fault.


    consider future updates, I've just been waitin' for a little bit more sophisticated digital elevation plots, i.e.:

    1) an elevation plot of the route recalculated "on/off roads - on fly after recalculation";

    2) a climb pro function.



    Edit: Strava live and Geocaching live would be welcome too :)

    Thanks for detailed explanation!

    Trackattack - I simply press "Go" > "Trackattack" > activity from the list.

    So, I used one from the previously recorded activity - I checked it a few times, but the "green arrow" of the virtual partner does not apper, and the dist attack/time attack fields are "null".

    I used either *.trk and *.gpx files.

    I also checked it in the mobile app - but it the smartphone it works flawleslly.


    It is strange for me, as all the basic functions work well - like recording, wireless sharing, mapping, navigation - all them works as should.

    Only specific functions does not work, also the function introduced with the ver. 5.5 of the firmware (course point choice does not work).


    Is it possible to downgrade to the first (factory) firmware version of the Cross Plus?

    I only noticed that when the GPS fix is received "under sky" (outside), it is a little bit better to get fix inside, on the window's sill.

    Also, at train is good to seat next to the "emergency window" which is bigger, and probably made from different glass than the others - at least in my case it worked today.


    To summarize: the unit shall be turned on and receive the GPS fix outdoors, otherwise (indoor) we may wait for the GPS fix endlessly.

    Edit 2:

    In my case (southern Poland), the best choise is GPS+Beidou and the GPS fix problem seems to be solved.

    Hi Gert,

    I have installed 5.5.3, but the "trackattack" against the recorded activity does not work either.

    Is there any special way to start the "trackattack" of previous activity?

    Looking deeply into the functionality, I noticed several things which shall work, but they don't work in my unit. Apart of the "trackattack" fail, I also noticed lack of the function which is claimed in the 5.5 version, i.e. switch to any from the course points when navigating along the course - as I use GPX course files, I cannot "jump forward" into next course point or jump back to the previous course point as it shall work...

    I have not idea what is wrong with my unit... I can't complain about its functionality - it works, wireless transmition is smooth, GPS reception outside is great, but it lacks functions which shall be working...



    Here is mine - GPS + GLONASS in both cases.

    What's weird that Garmin Etrex 30 gets and holds fix immediately, whereas Cross Plus endlessely acquire sattelite system (the same sattelites are recognized: No. 10, 21, 32, and 88, but only eTrex 30x gets a fix). Opening the window solves the situation (both units shows almost the same accuracy).

    Maybe there is not that much a problem with GPS reception, but rather with the GPS fix (both: cold fix and hot fix).

    I have tried several things: erasing gps.ini, downloading fresh A-GPS, switching off all the radios: BT and Wi-fi.

    TwoNav fimware version is already fresh installed: 5.5.3.

    What firmware version have you got?

    I have 5.5.2.

    Though, it is generaly fine, I noticed strange behaviour in particular cases, such as:

    a. poor GPS reception inside,

    and others:

    b. no trackattack,

    c. no switches to course points when navigation along the course...

    I have done several tests and with comparison to Garmin Etrex 30x.

    It is evident that my TwoNav Cross Plus is extremely sensitive to any physical barriers (even glass window) and immediately looses GPS signal once the window is closed.

    # edit: I have already reported firmware version 5.5.2 at the Compe GPS (TwoNav) website.



    That's true. Nevertheless, in my "indoor" test I keep all other radios: BT and Wi-Fi switched off.

    That's not a big deal, but I am just curious why the GPS is so hard to get and also the GPS signal vanishes immediatelylty when I enter the car/train/building... In the case of Garmin I can still rely on GPS signal at least inside the car and the train - TwoNav requires to be so close to the window...

    Maybe, it is somehow connected with the bulit-in anthenna position (?)...

    Edit #2:

    In my case, the GPS signal vanishes immediately under even small bridge, tunnel, etc.

    Dear colleagues,

    I noticed that my TwoNav Cross Plus has very weak GPS signal reception inside the house/car/train. The Garmin receives the GPS signal much faster in the same locations.

    So far, I did not noticed any problems with GPS reception of the TwoNav Cross Plus outside - what's more, outside the GPS reception of the TwoNav Cross Pus is even better than Garmin.

    It's strange, isn't it?

    Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

    ich habe festgestellt, dass mein TwoNav Cross Plus im Haus/Auto/Zug einen sehr schwachen GPS-Empfang hat. Das Garmin empfängt das GPS-Signal an den gleichen Stellen viel schneller.

    Im Außenbereich sind mir bisher keine Probleme mit dem GPS-Empfang des TwoNav Cross Plus aufgefallen - im Außenbereich ist der GPS-Empfang des TwoNav Cross Pus sogar besser als bei Garmin.

    Es ist seltsam, nicht wahr?