GPSMAP 66sr Firmware 5.20 ist da

Garmin fenix 7X und epix Gen 2 im Test

Der Schwerpunkt dieses Tests und Vergleichs der Garmin Fenix 7X Solar und Garmin Epix Gen 2 liegt auf den Sensoren wie Höhenmesser, Positionsbestimmung und Herzfrequenz. Was unterscheidet die beiden GPS-Outdoor-Smartwatches? Und wie gut ist die Taschenlampe der Fenix 7X für den Outdoorbereich? Hier geht es zum Test der Outdoor-Smartwatches ...
  • GPSMAP 66sr Firmware 5.20 ist da


    • Fixed issue with main menu as base page.
    • Fix shutdown when downloading BirdsEye imagery when SD Card is inserted.
    • Improved Find key to search near map cursor position when appropriate.
    • Fixed possible issues with expedition mode.
    • Fixed possible issues with Search Near option.
    • Fixed possible issue with Cancel button when saving a course.
    • Fixed incorrect option menu items when reviewing a course.
    • Fixed incorrect option menu items when reviewing the current recording.
    • Fixed possible issue when changing long course names.
    • Fixed incorrect English text when deleting a profile.
    • Fixed possible issue where course review page could show stale data.
    • Fixed routing prompt appearing twice when adding a via point.
    • Fixed possible issues with menus in Connect IQ applications.
    • Fixed possible unexpected behavior when saving or clearing an activity.
    • Fixed adding via points to on road routes to a single point.
    • Fixed possible shutdown when downloading Birdseye Direct images.
    • Fixed missing lap data in course files generated on the device.
    • Fixed incorrect tone for on and off course alerts.
    • Fixed issue with on and off course alerts appearing when they should not.
    • Fixed possible issue syncing courses with Explore mobile.
    • Fixed issues searching for address numbers with more than 6 characters.

    Garmin Montana 750i (FW 10.90, HW V6, 64GB SD)