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Bunav 18.01.2007 22:20

GPSMAP 76C(S)x Software Version 3.10, 19.12.2006
GPSMAP 76Cx software version 3.10 as of December 19, 2006

Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.10:
• Fix problem where buoy colors were drawn incorrectly.
• Improve robustness of data card tracklog XML.
• Corrected issue where some highway shields were blank.
• Prevent creation of duplicate waypoints for WPL NMEA input.
• Fix problem where last 5 custom waypoint symbols were not usable.
• Prevent propagation along roads when lock to road feature is disabled.
• Add Borneo RSO grid.
• Corrected issue where cummulative distance view on altimeter page wouldn't show whole log.
• Allow diacritical characters in waypoint comments.
• Allow diacritical characters to transfer from Mapsource.
• Increase number of map tiles that will draw at once.
• Added capability to send custom POI waypoints in a route to Mapsource. Requires Mapsource version 6.12.

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** N51.30° E6.59° (incl. SA) ** iQue 3600, GPSMAP 76Cx **

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