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Fenix 3 Fw Update 7.20 (13.06.16)

Changes made from version 7.00 to 7.20:

Added support for accessing other data screens while in a swim workout rest interval.
Improved accuracy of distance and lap counting for Pool Swim.
Improved Auto Lock behavior to avoid locking while in use.
Improved the reliability of foot pod calibration.
Improved ETA and ETE estimates when navigating a course.
Improved label and background consistency across all widgets.
Fixed an issue where Project Waypoint was not using the system setting for bearing units. (Settings > Sensors > Compass > Display)
Fixed a potential issue where VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold estimates were being used incorrectly with Trail Run activities.
Fixed an issue where distance data fields for SUP were using incorrect precision and units.
Fixed a potential issue with high battery drain in watch mode.
Fixed a potential issue where the user was not given a warning alert on the last length of a swim workout.
Fixed a potential issue where certain multisport profiles were not available in the app list when navigating a course.
Fixed a potential display issue with one of the analog watch faces. (Requires Display update 3.50)

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